Business As Usual – The Come Up [Video]

Kitchener, Ontario duo Tyma & Maximilian – who together are Business As Usual (B.A.U.) is making sure everyone knows they are on The Come Up. The pair have more than a rap group in common, they are actually siblings and were born two years a part, on the same day. In the video they are […]

Montreal B-Boy Lazylegz Shares Inspiring Story on The Ellen Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently aired the inspiring story of Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli (IllMask & Ill-Abilities), one of Montréal’s most recognizable b-boys.  Though he can not use his legs, he has turned this weakness into his greatest strength, integrating his crutches into his moves and developing a unique style. His motto “No Excuses, No Limits” drives his […]

Notion – Pride on my Cufflinks EP

The Movement Fam is an actual family of Australian rappers – two brothers, Notion and Cee, who moved to Toronto and Montreal in the past couple of years. Cee recently worked with Dr. Mad and they released their collaboration EP called Steps to the Peak, and the Melbourne native has been getting accolades for his […]

Clarity – Just Calm Down (ft. Maia Leia) [Audio]

After hearing this song a few times at Clarity‘s highly energetic shows, he’s now released a free download version on Bandcamp for Just Calm Down which features vocals from Maia Leia on the chorus. This is one of the oldest rappers in the young generation – dude has been sneaking into bars and rapping since age […]

Sans Pression s’en prend au rap français [Video]

sans pression yeux SP

Dans un nouveau clip intitulé Hospitalité, SP s’en prend à Freeman, Booba et les Anticipateurs. Après des années de tenter de percer en France avec son rap joual tout en faisant la promotion du rap français au Québec, Sans Pression constate que la relation n’est pas réciproque. Malgré les échanges entre les deux marchés, il semble […]