Good Times: Green Hypnotic x Da-P – Nostalgia EP

One of the most consistent collectives in Montréal’s music scene, Alaiz Crew keeps on surprising us with timeless music. We’ve been following both Da-P and Green Hypnotic at least for the past year, and we’ve seen them work hard to deliver quality, and it keeps on getting better. The last stepping stone for the duo […]

Witness the Fitness: Kaytranada – At All [Video]

With  this new visual, Kaytranada gives us the definition of flexin’. Directed by Martin Pariseau and premiered on Noisey, “At All” is an upbeat female sample driven beat that encapsulates Kay’s signature Future R&B style that made his remixes so big on Soundcloud. More info Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook  | Twitter

Nuevo rap colombiano : Mr. More & BiG KiLLa – Da Conflict 2 [Album]

BET Blocks Canadian Rapper Corey Charron From Performing at Annual Cypher

Looks like BET has issues with letting White Canadian rappers win competitions on its shows. After Ottawa battle rapper Corey Charron won the Freestyle Friday competition on 106 and Park, he was given a 5000$ cheque and promised a spot on the network’s annual freestyle cypher alongside Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Lil Kim and many […]

Court Documentaire sur le B-Boy Vicious [Documentality]