[Exclusive] New T-Dot Emcee K-Ryn Premieres Debut Mixtape on Elementality

 K.Ryn is officially the most promising Toronto artist you’ve never heard of. At least until now – Elementality is premiering his first mixtape The Beginning, which is in fact his first release ever. Many artists expect instant gratification after coming up with one decent single. That works sometimes, but I much prefer going through a whole body of […]

Cuervo Loomi ft. Holy Laion – Vida [Video Clip]

Rotty Squad Goes Spooky with “Feed Them To The Dogs” [Video]

Rotty Squad is a studio and rap group known for its 90s sound with some dark lyricism. On Feed Them To The Dogs, it turns a notch darker as MoreThanLyrics & Rawssi reflect on death and other dark visions , over a spooky trap type beat produced by Rawssi himself. Directed by Heartbeat Visuals, mixing & mastering at Rotty […]

Apache (Venezuela) – Level [Video]

Delirium Tremenz (Colombia) – Que Tras Que [Videoclip]