Big Dreams Come True With Debut Album “Real”

Big Dreams (BTD) emerged in 2009 as one of its members, Myles, 19, miraculously survived lupus. Since then, the three talented aspiring artists joined forces and released a debut album. And though Myles has received help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to achieve his dream, this is no childhood fantasy. This is Real. Substance and quality. […]

“Sal Capone” Play On Hip Hop & Discrimination is Tragically Funny [Review]

As I walked into the MAI, a small theatre on Jeanne Mance in the McGill Ghetto, the set was unlike I had ever seen it before. There was graffiti painted all over the walls, a dumpster and a young man who blended into the scenery. There was also a transgender street walker addressing herself straight at […]

Elementality Fall 2013 Podcast

The team is back for this Elementality Podcast Fall Edition. This podcast was made for all our supporters and people following us, much love. Local & international music, classics and much more. Don’t miss it.

Sans Pression – Bugz Bunné [Video]

Sans Pression Bugz Bonné Vagabond ma religion

Dead Obies – Montréal $ud [Video Clip]