ELMNT & Boko Maru -The Mentalist Handbook Of Shadowboxing Through Universes (Dir. Jay Montenegro)

From the days of Wu-Tang, animé has always had a very special place in Hip Hop. The idea of limitless greatness has always attracted heads and artists alike. With this in mind, Toronto natives ELMNT & Boko Maru (Crimson) joined forces in a 13-minute musical experience called “The Mentalist Handbook Of Shadowboxing Through Universes“, where they […]

Prozak – Fading Away [Video]

Michigan native rapper Prozak releases a new conscious track with poignant visuals and real-life stock footage off his “We All Fall Down” album under Midwest indie powerhouse label Strange Music. It is available for pre-order on Itunes. “Fading Away” was premiered on HipHopDX today. More info Website: http://therealprozak.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/therealProzak/

Sans Pression – Vagabond Ma Religion [Album + Vidéo Clip]

Dauntaun (Chile) – La Identidad del Barrio [Album]

Dauntaun rap chileno

#NoRegard – A Way Of Life

The Montreal scene no doubt has a wide range of hip hop sounds, you can bet there are all sorts of different styles of rap in our beloved city. Now we have a new subgenre: football rap. #NoRegard is an ongoing, growing brand that represents so much more than just it’s given hash tag name. […]