J.O. The Corrupted – Corruption [Video]

Are you corrupted? Have you ever entertained non-righteous thoughts, even for a split second? I bet you have. Just like J.O. The Corrupted, one of MTL’s most promising young artists in the rap game right now. He’s been on a constant grind lately, headlining on #MTL0505, a very hype event that showed this is a […]

Aspect Mendoza – S.C.R.A.M. [video]

Piu Piu, a film about Montreal beat scene (part 1) [Documentality]

Trips Dadon – Don’t Cry For Me [Video]

trips dadon

I usually skip artists whose names finish with “Da Don”, expecting not to learn anything new. I was pleasantly surprised when introduced to Trips DaDon, a Montréal artist with a promising future. His new single “Don’t Cry For Me” has a compelling message on suicide, which is one of the leading causes of death amongst […]

Gender & Sound Extravaganza with Lido Pimienta and Heart Streets

Dragoonroot hooked up with CKUT Radio and Centre for Gender Advocacy to bring you ” Gender & Sound Extravaganza “, a whole day of workshops, fun |& music with a focus on gender diversity and equality. It’s going down at the No Bad Sound Studio (3730 de Courtrai, CDN) which is run by Lou Piensa of Nomadic […]