Bad Weather – Water Wings EP

Bad Weather is one of the most eclectic musicians in Montréal’s independent music scene, blending his signature guitar-driven textured ambient beats layered with synths and drum machines and his very personal lyrical style of rap and slam poetry. He used to host the Spit The Truth Open Mic series with Conn Shawnery, a monthly event that created many connections […]

Durag Dynasty – 360 Waves [video]

durag dynasty 360 waves

Durag Dynasty is a newly formed rap group featuring Planet Asia, Tristate, and Killer Ben. Their new debut album is entirely produced by the Alchemist. Notice cameos from Action Bronson and Evidence in this new video clip for their title track “360 Waves” directed by Nicolas Heller. Long live the almighty wave cap!

Banda sonora del cortometraje Una Oportunidad con Ali aka Mind

Ali (Colombia) regresa con una excelente producción tanto lirical como visual. En esta ocasión, presenta su nuevo video siendo la banda sonora del cortometraje “Una Oportunidad” de Santiago Diaz. La música estuvo a cargo de Ali & Ramón Carlos Merlo y es bastante nostálgica. En un escenario en ruinas, la lírica nos da otro mensaje […]

Shash’U – Le Printemps [beat tape]

New 4-track beat tape by Shash’U “Le Printemps”, with some deep ambient Hip-Hop sounds. Enjoy.  

Disl Automatic – Killuminati [Video]


For the past 15 years, rappers have entertained a cult following for the Illuminati, a semi-fictitious secret society that purportedly runs the world (sorry Beyoncé). Many have been fooled by these conspiracy theories that have no bearing in the real world. Fortunately, some rappers have taken matters in their own hands and denounced the rumours for what […]